National Beer Day the Grouse Way

National Beer Day is here and at Grouse we’re celebrating the right way: with several delicious and refreshing gluten-free beers! We are fortunate to work with such awesome companies; our partners are some of the most dedicated souls out there. So cheers to those who hold fast to old thyme brewing practices, those who explore [read more…]

Stochasticity Project Grainiac

Multigrain beers are seldom seen in the brewing world. Until now. Stone Brewing Co. has released the first of its kind: Stochasticity Project Grainiac is a seven grain dark amber beauty. Full bodied and incredibly smooth, this beer showcases the best of Grouse Malting and Roasting.  Enhanced by our artisan millet and buckwheat, this brew [read more…]

Gold for Ghostfish!

Last week at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), our customer Ghostfish Brewing Company (Seattle, WA) won the gold metal in the gluten-free beer category with their Watchstander Stout. This beer showcases the best of Grouse Malting & Roasting with malt forward and roasted characteristics only achievable by using…you guessed it, high-quality gluten-free malt! This [read more…]

Millet: From Birdseed to Breweries

Millet is the Whole Grains Council “Grain of the Month” for November! In celebration, we’re passing along some fun facts about millet! The varieties of Millet abound! There are records of millet being grown in Asia as far back as 2000 to 1000 B.C. Millet is truly an ancient grain. Pearl millet is a staple [read more…]