Grouse Updates & Happy 2018

Maybe you’ve noticed we’ve been in the dark for a few months with our news blog. This is not because the company went on a hiatus and all our staff spent the time drinking gluten-free beer in the Southern Alps. It has actually been quite the opposite! Grouse started from very humble beginnings back in [read more…]

Gluten-Free. Oh the Possibilities

Dire reports from major news and business media recently trying to grab an audience and stir up the crowd and are questioning if the “gluten-free craze” is on the down-swing. Building on our June post – A Tale of the Gluten-Free Backlash… We have done a little market research to put some numbers where our [read more…]

Malt: Gluten-Free Living Outside of the Glass

Malt, a key ingredient in beer, is also a key ingredient for many, many other products. Malted milk shakes? MALT! Kava Stress Relief Tea? Barley Malt That beloved candy born in 1949 and still among every kids’ Halloween booty, Whoppers malted milk balls? You guessed it. Malt. Toaster Strudels, Frozen Puff Pastries… Yep, they’re made with malt, [read more…]

Gluten-Free Can Help That: Autoimmune Diseases

  I have known wheat and I weren’t friends since I was a little girl. My hands would break out in dry bleeding rashes every time I feasted on wheat crackers – my favorites. This caused my mother to seek professional advice. It was decided I had a wheat or gluten-intolerance and all wheat products [read more…]