Progress! Malt House Equipment Updates

Progress! Malt House Equipment Updates The new Grouse Malt House renovations—lovingly dubbed The Robin Phase—are in full production mode here at the Malt House. The designs were drawn, the schedules were made, the equipment was installed and we can happily and officially announce that The Robin Renovation Phase is complete! With this, not only has [read more…]

National Beer Day the Grouse Way

National Beer Day is here and at Grouse we’re celebrating the right way: with several delicious and refreshing gluten-free beers! We are fortunate to work with such awesome companies; our partners are some of the most dedicated souls out there. So cheers to those who hold fast to old thyme brewing practices, those who explore [read more…]

Holidaily Brewing Company: Wonderful Gluten-Free Beer

“Amazing, magnificent, oh-so-tasty”…  though those are truly quoted descriptions of the newly released Holidaily brews, that narrative only skims the surface of these gluten-free beauties. Holiday Brewing Company of Golden, Colorado has officially opened their doors to the public. As of February 1st, 2016 our wonderful state of Colorado now has a designated gluten-free brewery [read more…]

High Hops Gluten-free Gose

High Hops Brewery released a Gose on Nov. 5th brewed with Grouse malts! Their Gose, dubbed The Pink One, is bright, fresh, sweet and full-bodied. It was enhanced with an addition of raspberry and lemon verbena during secondary fermentation, making the fruity side of the palate an excellent complement to the tart lactic notes and light [read more…]

Gold for Ghostfish!

Last week at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), our customer Ghostfish Brewing Company (Seattle, WA) won the gold metal in the gluten-free beer category with their Watchstander Stout. This beer showcases the best of Grouse Malting & Roasting with malt forward and roasted characteristics only achievable by using…you guessed it, high-quality gluten-free malt! This [read more…]