Great American Beer Festival

It’s the most wonderful time of year. This week beer enthusiasts everywhere are flocking to Denver to sip beer after beer, after beer, together at the Great American Beer Festival. From October 6th through the 8th Denver, Colorado will be home to beer aficionados, beer fanatics, and the most loved of all— the beer geek. [read more…]

High Hops Gluten-free Gose

High Hops Brewery released a Gose on Nov. 5th brewed with Grouse malts! Their Gose, dubbed The Pink One, is bright, fresh, sweet and full-bodied. It was enhanced with an addition of raspberry and lemon verbena during secondary fermentation, making the fruity side of the palate an excellent complement to the tart lactic notes and light [read more…]

Beer Weeks: Our New National Pastime?

We the People…love beer! And have been celebrating this passion with beer weeks that are springing up across the country. We at Grouse Co love and support the growing interest and community building. The purpose of beer weeks can be best described by the Declaration of Beer Independence created by the American Craft Beer Week [read more…]