The Cascadia Grain Conference

The Cascadia Grain Conference brings together farmers, processors and end-users, as well as investors, brokers and local government officials to support the grain economy west of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. This year’s Cascadia Grain Conference was held in Olympia Washington and featured presenters focused on grain value added processes includin\g malting, milling, [read more…]

Distilled Alcohol: Gluten-Free and Full of “Spirit”!

Distilled Alcohol: Gluten-Free and Full of “Spirit”! Define: spirit /ˈspirit/ — Noun: 1) The vital principle or animating force within living beings. 2) Incorporeal consciousness. 3) An alcoholic beverage, especially distilled liquor. /ˈspirit/ — Historical: the name given to alcoholic drinks because they were believed to be a gift from the spirits/gods before the process [read more…]

Gluten-Free Brewing Recipes: Hop Blocked Cascadian Dark Ale

Hop Blocked Cascadian Dark Ale Imperial IPA For all you brewers out there, here is a fantastic recipe! This Dark Ale exudes a pleasant piney smell with notes of spice. It is backed by tropical and dark stone fruit with a slight hint of roast and alcohol followed by smooth delicious bitterness. This beer goes [read more…]