New Agriculture Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Being in the malting industry it’s important to stay up to date in the ever-progressing world of agriculture. Being an artisan malt house we feel it’s also important to support the betterment of our environment. NSF, the National Science Foundation, in collaboration with our neighbors at Colorado State University, released fascinating information involving new agriculture [read more…]

Grouse’s Debut in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

The latest edition of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine focused on the topic “Great Taste Without Gluten” and featured Grouse Malting & Roasting Co. and our products! The article describes our certified gluten-free facility, outlines using gluten-free malts, and calls the future for alternative grains in brewing bright. When describing the brews crafted with millet & [read more…]

Sprouting Grain—Up and Coming Food Trend

According to a recent article on food trend estimates the sales of sprouted grains to reach $250 million in five years, up from $30 million currently. Grains are a staple food in diets for practically all world regions, providing essential nutrients to the diet of animals and humans alike. Sprouted grains can be used in [read more…]